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START International's full line of tape dispensers are designed for your applications!

Ideal for repetitive industrial taping applications, our innovative tape dispensers are adding value to production lines around the world.We provide taping solutions for pressure sensitive and water-activated (gummed, kraft or carton sealing) tapes. Our electric and electronic definite length tape machines are designed to increase operator productivity, reduce material costs, dispense tape to consistent lengths, reduce operator fatigue, accept virtually any type of tape, and provide straight cuts for better looking taped products and packages.

Browse through our full line of tape dispensers to see how we can help you increase your productivity.


The Tape Dispenser Manual Tape Dispensers Electronic Tape Dispensers Tape Wrappers
Industrial Tape Dispensers
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The label Dispenser

Using Labels? TheLabelDispenser.com

Increase your labeling productivity and reduce material waste


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